Private Cocktail Classes

Private Classes at your home are available for any social gathering. Contact

Get hands-on, learn new skills and be inspired with fresh, locally inspired cocktail classes. Learn classics and modern-day twists that are quick, simple and delicious. The recipes are designed to be easily recreated at home.

Classes are kept to 10+ people per class and lasts approx. 2 hours/ Private classes and corporate team building sessions are available on request. each guest will learn, make and drink 3 different cocktails in each class.

There are 5 classes to choose from or happily create one to your specs!

Latino America | Tequila (Mexico), Pisco (Chile) and Cachaca (Brazil)

Market Fresh | Vodka or Gin based with fresh local produce straight from the market

Whiskey | learn how to make classic whiskey based drinks to impress!

Tiki By Nature | Rum based patio style cocktails with fun garnishes as well