Cocktail Bitters

Bar Travelling Man is the Okanagan home for all your bitter needs!

Bittered Sling bitters are locally made in British Columbia and now after 10 years a global brand around the world. Top 5 bitter brands in the world!

The base spirit is 100% British Columbia fruit spirit, distilled at Okanagan Spirits in Vernon, BC. All of the botanicals, fruits, barks and herbs are ethically sourced. The citrus is peeled by hand using the best seasonal expressions. The product is macerated, naturally filtered, bottled and labelled at a government-regulated facility in the Okanagan before being shipped to our global distributors. We do not use extracts or essences, only whole botanicals.

Rootside Bitters made in Victoria, BC, Canada. They take the seasonal Island botanicals and blend them in novel ways to create delightful cocktail bitters. The new kids on the BC block!

Ms. Betters Bitters is a Vancouver-based producer of superior bitters and the world's first vegan botanical foamer. Their goal is to bring depth to each and every cocktail made with our products. The botanicals are carefully selected and blended to create a sequence of notes that will carry you through a journey; be it a trip down memory lane or to an exciting new adventure.
More bitters are on the way soon in 2022!