Bartending & Cocktail Classes

Private cocktail classes are available for any social gathering at your home or corporate event. Get hands-on, learn new skills and drink your creations! You take home the recipes as well. Learn classics and modern-day twists that are quick, simple and delicious!!

Standard Courses $40 per guest (depending on spirits selected)

Each cocktail class is kept to four-eight guests per class and lasts approx two hours, where each guest will learn, make and drink three different cocktails. The guests will learn about the spirits selected, fun information on the classic cocktail and step by step guide to creating your tasty beverages. I will supply the alcohol and other ingredients to make your cocktails, including purchasing the ice. Contact Me

Additional Tastings $10 per guest (added to the Standard course)

Learn and taste about each spirit selected by a certified professional bartender!

Virtual Cocktail Classes

$60 for 30 minutes or $120 for 1 hour session.