The Antioxidant Cocktail Kit (Kelowna Only) from $50-$95
The Antioxidant Cocktail Kit (Kelowna Only) from $50-$95
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The Antioxidant Cocktail Kit (Kelowna Only) from $50-$95

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Ideal gift for your employees, friends or family to say thank you for their hard work, birthday or any special occasion. I can custom build a range of cocktails and are available for pick up or deliveries around the Kelowna area. If you don't live in Kelowna but want to pick up an order, that's no problem, I can arrange a pickup location.

I believe fresh ingredients are key to a delicious cocktail. All my cocktails use fresh fruit juices, craft bitters & in-house made syrups.

What are Cocktail Kits?

this is a bag full of goodies to create wonderful cocktails at home without rushing around. You get a sealed bottle of booze, a syrup & citrus mixer, garnish and a recipe card. Simply follow the instructions or book a virtual cocktail class to learn more.

How does it work?

It's really simple, select what cocktail size you want from either 6 drinks or 12 drinks. Once you have selected everything you needed, proceed to the checkout and delivery options.

My delicious cocktail kits can include alcohol, ID upon delivery. Bottled spirits for these kits are purchased through the BC Liquor store located at 1835 Dilworth Dr #109, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T1.


What do you get in this kit?

Absolut Vodka or Bombay Sapphire Gin as the base spirit, the mixer is a blend of orange and lime juices and blood orange spiced syrup, citrus wheels for garnish and a recipe card for the instructions.

Limited stock, available for pickup or Kelowna delivery $5 - Monday to Friday