Qahwa Q-ah-wa (coffee in Arabic)

Qahwa Q-ah-wa (coffee in Arabic)

Inspired by a Viking army who left the raids in France and entered the Muslim realm Emirates of Córdoba which is now Portugal and Spain. They were sadly defeated and fled back to sea. Aquavit is Scandinavian and Port wine is originally from Portugal and espresso is African from which the Muslim rulers conquered on route to Córdoba.

The Recipe

0.75 oz Okanagan Spirits Vodka peppercorn infused
0.75 oz Okanagan Spirits Aquavit

0.50 oz Maverick Estate Port
1.00 oz espresso
0.50 oz Roasted spiced pumpkin brown syrup
2 dashes Bittered Sling Arabica Coffee bitters

Serve in a tea cup and saucer. Garnish with dehydrated pumpkin skin powder and coffee beans.

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