Menu Consulting

When guests enter your establishment and order a drink, it should be the exact same, every time, to their liking. If your drinks are inconsistent or poorly made, then your guests lose trust in your business!

Cocktails are one of the most profitable beverages you can serve, but not only will they increase your margins, they are also very marketable. They are one of the fastest growing trends on social media; platforms such as Instagram and TikTok provide your guests the opportunity to create consumer-based marketing, which is free and allows information to quickly spread to untapped networks.

Let Bar Travelling Man work with your team to create memorable cocktail menus that represents your establishment, brand or theme.

What Do We Offer:

Consultation with you and your team, to see what are your requirements and for us to understand the task ahead.

After the consultation, we will design a potential cocktail menu between 6-12 drinks. Once we have designed new cocktails, we will present our drinks to your group to finalize the menu and talk about the inspiration for each drink. Product knowledge is key for upselling to your guests! 

Once the cocktail menu is designed, staff training begins on the new cocktails and each staff will be given homework to study the recipes. The bar will receive a hard copy of the cocktail menu with clear step by step instructions, photographs of each new cocktail for social media and future advertising. The consultant will attend the menu launch date to offer assistance to any issue arises.