Events & Mobile Bar

The Bar Travelling Man will be focusing on bar coordinating, private cocktail classes, consulting and micro events. Bucephalus Events & Bar will be taking over larger events with a team of excellent bartenders under guidance of Harry Dosanj. This division will be able to do multiple events on the same day.

The Bartending team?

Bar Travelling Man, Bucephalus Events & Bar will only hire staff through a good interview process and solid references. Most of the hired bartenders have worked with Harry in the past in other bars, so he knows he can trust them with his clients. All of our bartenders and lead bartenders will have a serve it right certificate, will be hard working and professional to make your event special!


What is the inspiration for the Bucephalus company name?

(pronounce bu-cep-halus) The name was inspired by Alexander the Great's warhorse, Bucephalus. His noble horse was one of the most famous horses of the antiquity. He died in the battle of Hydaspes in 326BC, which is now modern day Punjabi province of Pakistan. The Bucephalus mobile bar is the warhorse and the jewel in the crown and my excellent team will be the driving force for successful events.

What is inside the mobile bar?

The Bucephalus Mobile Bar is complete with two bar stations. There is enough room for 2 coolers inside and room behind the bar for backup stock. (does require power source nearby for lights) it's even got a hot/cold water system with a 3-basin sink for washing glassware if required.

This was a covid lockdown project of 2020