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Bittered Sling

Lem Marrakech

Lem Marrakech

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Our Lem-Marrakech bitters take you on a powerful flavour journey through the smoky-sweet medina of Marrakech, Morocco. Bright lemon zest, nutty, floral notes of coriander seed, fiery cinnamon and cumin, the coolness of mint, fennel and black pepper.

Beverage recommendations: Fresh herbs, teas, virtually all-white spirits, whisk(e)y and rum, Tequila and mezcal, virtually all-white spirits, sake, dry vermouth and other aromatized wines, sherry, Cognac, sparkling water & wine, egg white sours, coconut and tropical fruit, Tiki

Cooking recommendations: 
Replace vanilla extract in 
blonde & chocolate cakes, dessert sauces, cookies and shortbreads. A great finish for a hollandaise sauce and makes a killer marinade for chicken, vegetables, fish and shellfish. Amazing paired with coconut and tropical fruit.

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