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Caesar Kadhai Cocktail Salt

Caesar Kadhai Cocktail Salt

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BTM Caesar Kadhai Cocktail Salt 150grams per container

Discover the ultimate upgrade for your Caesar cocktails with our handcrafted Gourmet Caesar Salt. This exquisite blend of 12 premium ingredients, including aromatic rosemary, zesty lime, fresh dill, and a curated selection of spices, elevates your drink experience to new heights.

Ingredients: a blend of spices, dried rosemary, dried jalapeno powder, dried dill powder, dried lime powder, celery seeds, sugar, sea salt.

Customer Review 'My friends and I tried the Caesar Kadhai Salt and I had to reapply the salt again because it was so good!' Danielle

Perfect for enhancing the classic Canadian Caesar, this salt rim adds a burst of flavour and a touch of sophistication to every sip. Whether you're hosting a brunch, a lively gathering, or simply enjoying a quiet evening, our Gourmet Caesar Salt transforms your cocktail into a culinary masterpiece.

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