Miraculous Foamer
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Miraculous Foamer

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This blend of 3 botanicals, macerated in a neutral spirit, is shelf-stable and provides foam for your cocktail without egg whites. Creates a dense foam without any flavour. 

Each bottle contains the equivalent of over 100 egg whites. Completely vegan. 

Miraculous Foamer FAQ


A couple of details about the Foamer as an egg white replacement: 


• It is allergen free 

• Shelf stable, 40% ABV 

• Water soluble - ideal for making pre-batched cocktails. 

• Vegan, plant based (No Pea protein or Aqua Faba) 

• We recommend about 8 droplets per cocktail (0.2grams) - so a single bottle can make well over 100 drinks (We suggest that users make up the lower liquid volume with extra water or ice when they shake with other ingredients to activate)

• When used as directed the Foamer will not be a noticeable flavor in the cocktail.